Louie Anderson Live!

One of the most versatile and successful comedians, shares his childhood ups and downs as one of 11 children from Minnesota, as the new LIVE show takes center stage. Appropriate for all ages and timed just right for all at 7pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays. From the beginning Louie crafted comedy routines that rang true for his early club audiences while reducing them to helpless fits of laughter. He has put his creative energies to work on the Saturday morning award-winning animated series "Life with Louie," bestselling books such as "Dear Dad – Letters from an Adult Child" and "Good-bye Jumbo … Hello Cruel World". The latest installment focuses on family with "The F Word, How to Survive Your Family". Prices include 10% L.E.T.
Upgrade yourself to the VIP seats and get your chance to meet Louie in person, 45 minutes prior to the show!

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