Allegiant Sends Katie-Do Kare Kits Family to Orlando


The Domian family and a patient from the Arnold Palmer Hospital

This $1 Million Summer trip honored a special little girl and her family who dedicate their free time to making wonderful care kits for children in pediatric cancer units. Madeline, creator of Katie-Do Kare Kits 4 Kids, spends her spare time gathering donations and creating kits full of things like toys, lip balm, stuffed animals and books.

Madeline dreamed of bringing her kits across the country, so we sent the family from St. Louis to Orlando and set up a day at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children so Madeline and her family could pass out their kits! The children from the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children loved the kits, especially the warm blankets and toys. Thank you to our wonderful partners at the CoCo Key Orlando for providing the family with a fun place to stay all week!

To learn more about Madeline and her Kare Kits, click here.


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