How to: Visiting Friends and Family for Less


With our ultra-low fares, you can afford to visit your friends and family more often, even if they don’t live nearby. But booking an affordable flight isn’t the only way to save money on your travel plans this summer. Check out these helpful tips to learn some great ways to save while you Get Away Your Way.

Use a vacation to make family memories that last a lifetime

Explore Lodging Options

Hotel lodging prices can get expensive, but one smart way to save money on accommodations is to skip larger chain hotels in favor of smaller, family-run motels or rentals, like those listed on vacation rental sites. Home rentals are gaining popularity, giving you the opportunity to customize your stay and live like a local.

The dates you travel can also help you save. Midweek rates are generally lower than weekend rates, so if you can, stay a few nights midweek.

Another great way to save money on lodging is to bundle services. Allegiant lets you bundle your vacation, combining lodging with airfare for a reduced price.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Look online at sites like state visitors bureaus for upcoming free events at your destination. For example, Florida lists free and low-cost events by city on the official Visit Florida website. Check out personal travel blogs and mom blogs that focus on free and budget-friendly travel with kids too.

Nature is almost always free. Take advantage of hiking spots, bike trails or nearby state or national parks. Your family will enjoy getting outdoors, and your wallet will enjoy the break.

Embrace the Ease of Technology

There are myriad free apps designed to help you save money on everything from accommodations to attractions. Here are some popular choices to download:

  • Goldstar: Find half-price tickets to live shows in over 30 cities
  • Gasbuddy: Fill up your rental car for the lowest price near your current location
  • Hotel Tonight: Find last-minute deals on hotels as they become available
  • Groupon: Search by city for deals on things to do and places to eat and stay
  • Citymapper: Choose the most affordable and easiest method to get from point A to B

Reconnect with your friends over food

Eat Like the Locals

Skip touristy hot spots and eat locally. You’ll sample the authentic flavor of your destination and usually find more affordable meals when you discover local gems. Ask around or check out popular review apps like Yelp to pinpoint restaurants locals love.

To save more, you can also:

  • Cook for yourself by visiting the local grocery market (which is easier to do if you rent a home)
  • Eat your biggest meal at lunch

For a fun and inexpensive outdoor dining experience, find a local park and pack a picnic with to-go foods from a local grocery store or farmers’ market. Farmers’ markets are great places to enjoy fresh local flavors without spending a ton of money. They’re also great spots to mingle with area residents who can give you insider tips on what to check out next!

Ready to visit your loved ones? Visit and get going!


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