My Allegiant Story: Laura Walters


by Laura Walters

Love makes us do crazy things – things you never thought you would do or could do! I am sitting on my last flight home alone after seven years of commuting to Montana where my fiancé, Lenny, lives. After thousands and thousands of miles flown, he is moving to Las Vegas next month! Today was the last time I had to say goodbye!

Lenny and Laura

If you would’ve asked me if this was part of my life plan, the answer would have been “no way.” Neither one of us saw all of this coming. One thing I have learned is that you never know who is going to be part of your journey and help make it possible to arrive at your destination… quite literally!

We had no idea what we were in for when we reconnected after 27 years through social media. We went to high school together, and all of this came as an unexpected journey for both of us. Without really making a plan, the flights started getting booked one after the other. There were never two happier people when that plane would land in Missoula or Las Vegas.

When we look back at these years, we are so grateful for Allegiant for not only making flying affordable, but direct from one place to the other. This saved us so much money, and more importantly, time, as every hour together counted. We would actually get our seats as close to the front of the plane, so we could hop off quickly and not lose a minute.

Many a flight attendant and ground crew got to know our faces over the years. I remember one flight that I was waiting for Lenny to get off the plane and it was taking an unusually long time, but then he rounded that corner of the walkway sandwiched between two flight attendants. All three had these big cheesy smiles, and I wondered what in the world was up. They got to me and he introduced me to these ladies, and they said that they had to meet me after he shared our love story with them on the flight. Lenny has a way of making friends along his way every single day and that day was no exception.

For seven years we have relied upon an amazing group of people to get us between cities. When you are in the middle of just doing what you do, you don’t realize how the time has flown until you are looking back and saying: “that went by fast” We recognize that our relationship had a greater chance of survival thanks to an airline that was an unsung hero in keeping us connected. Allegiant kept us believing that all things are possible!


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