My Allegiant Story: Paula Greve


Our kids grow up – it’s a fact, we blink and they go from a cradle to college! If you are anything like us, you taught your kids to be independent and to see the world as a big playground. This means when it comes to choosing a college, they might end up a long way from home. That’s where we found ourselves 4 years ago, our oldest child, Nate, chose to study and play college baseball at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida… 1,500 miles from our home in Iowa.

Paula and her son, Nate, after the game.

Paula and her son, Nate, after the game.

As a mom who loves baseball almost as much as my family, I only missed two baseball games my son had played, from tee-ball as a toddler to high school varsity. With his move to Florida, I thought I was going to be missing a lot of his games.

Enter Allegiant – nonstop flights from our home town to Punta Gorda, St. Pete-Clearwater and Sanford-Orlando, Florida, meaning my husband and I could fly down for the same cost as one of us on other airlines. We could get to Miami faster, even with a 2 hour drive. With other airlines we’d have layover after layover and it was such a pain. When we found Allegiant, we were able to fly down to see him every three weeks instead of once a month. 

Paula's two athletic sons

Once our youngest child started college within driving distance from our home, we had more freedom to jet off on Allegiant for ball games. However, having two college athletes meant money was tight and travel budgets had to be split between our kids. We were able to cobble together enough to get to games in Miami almost every other week Nate’s junior year, but senior year was coming, would we be able to do it again? 

Once again enter Allegiant, and their Million Dollar Summer promotion. I wrote why we would like to win tickets, I desperately wanted to make it to all his games his senior year, after all, this was it – the end of the baseball road. New adventures would await, but I desperately wanted to enjoy his last and final season. Never thinking we would actually win, I entered as an emotional response that all mothers go through as one stage comes to an end and another begins.

I can remember the day that Allegiant called like it was yesterday, we had won part of the Million Dollar Summer giveaway. I got off the phone and cried. It was going to happen. I was going to see my child play baseball every week his final season.
Earning pitching honors in Florida

Fast forward to now, we are now 11 weeks into the final season and it’s been a fabulous year! It has been great to be able to be there to see all but one of his starts. I was there to see him start against the reigning national champions, and get the win. That win earned him Sunshine State Conference Pitcher of the Week honors and I was also there to see a rare conference sweep. I was also there for some not so successful, yet still equally exciting games!  As one of the other moms and I always say, win or lose there is nothing better than being there to experience it.

I blinked again and college is nearly over, three more weeks and the next adventure will begins. What will it be? I don’t yet know, but I do know this, with Allegiant, I will be there to experience it!

So, how about you? What are you ready to experience? Let Allegiant get you there!


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