Wings for All in Allentown – May 6, 2017


Our Fort Lauderdale-based flight crew and folks from ABE.

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, Allegiant helped to host a third Wings for All / Wings for Autism event in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE). The event was developed by The Arc, an organization that educates and advocates for people on the autism spectrum. The day serves as a practice run for travelers on the autism spectrum. For kids (and adults) with autism, the sensory experience of going through an airport and boarding an airplane can be incredibly overwhelming. A practice run helps to familiarize potential passengers with the ins and outs of air travel.

Our Fort Lauderdale-based flight crew had a blast spending time with the kids and helping them out with the boarding process. Participants even got the chance to hang out with the pilots in the cockpit!

Check out this awesome video of the event from our partners at Lehigh Valley International Airport:

This is the third Wings for Autism / Wings for All event we have hosted in Allentown. You can learn more about the Arc’s Wings for Autism / Wings for All program here.


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