Catch the Fall Colors in Asheville, North Carolina


While hordes of tourists descend on New England to see beautiful fall color displays, there’s a quieter, more affordable option in the heart of the South. Nestled in the Blue Ridge region of the Southern Appalachians, Asheville is one of North Carolina’s best fall destinations. From beautiful estates to scenic drives, fall offers the perfect opportunity to see the area’s gorgeous landscapes at their most flamboyant.

 Peak Season for Bright, Leafy Beauty

With its funky alternative style and strong Southern cultural roots, Asheville is a fun destination at any time of year. It’s particularly special in the fall, when crisp air and a fiery rainbow of leaves add special flavor to the visitors’ experience. Asheville is arguably one of the best places in the entire country to take in the deciduous forests’ last hurrah before their winter rest. The peak color season here lasts for several weeks, usually spanning the entire months of October and November, with some deviation on either side depending on the weather.

Mid- to late October is prime time to visit Asheville for fall colors, though you have a safe margin of error on either side thanks to the long season. This makes it easy to plan your trip in advance and buy your tickets early without having to worry about precise predictions. If you arrive earlier in the season, you can see the most color up at higher elevations. The splendor spreads slowly down to lower elevations as the weather cools, so there’s no shortage of fall color supply to meet your demand throughout the season. Best of all, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Asheville’s sunny natural splendor, making it easy to find exactly the right activities for your travel style.

Planning Your Approach

There’s something for everyone in the Asheville autumn, including a range of activities to suit different levels of interest in outdoor activities. From strolling around Asheville’s cute urban center to hiking Max Patch Mountain on the Appalachian Trail, you’ll be surrounded by scenic mountain views and plenty of turning leaves no matter where you go.

You can also combine your craving for fall color with a visit to one of the area’s most iconic destinations. If you’re planning on renting a car after landing at Asheville Regional Airport, consider setting aside a day to drive part of the famed Blue Ridge Parkway. This iconic roadway winds its way through some of the most beautiful forests in Appalachia, offering mountain views and the ability to drive through showers of falling leaves. As you make your way, be sure to stop at a shop or cafe offering cider and baked goods made with locally grown North Carolina apples. There are tons of designated viewpoints along the parkway as well, providing a safe place to pull the car over and take amazing pictures of the peaks and valleys beyond.

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