The Blue Man Wax Shack in Las Vegas


By Heather Turk

Anyone who has seen Blue Man Group perform live knows that ticket holders never want the euphoric experience to end. Thanks to an interactive new art installation at Luxor Hotel and Casino, fans in Las Vegas can now get an up-close look inside Blue Man Group’s wildly imaginative world anytime they want.

The Blue Man Group Wax Shack offers fans a glimpse into Blue Man Group’s wildly imaginative world

The first art installation of its kind, the Blue Man Wax Shack was unveiled July 2016. Featuring three Blue Man Group wax figures created by Madame Tussauds Las Vegas and modeled after original Blue Men Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, the Blue Man Wax Shack offers a free comical photo-op that only the bald and blue drummers could create.

“The shack’s pulsing iridescent glow and mid-century modern architecture stand out among the Egyptian stylings of Luxor,” said Bill Swartz, creative director of technology and effects for Blue Man Group. “It’s mysterious enough to spark the interest of any visitor. Once you’ve been engaged, you’ll find an interior world of objects, instruments and experiments in active disarray. The Blue Men are in the middle of a photo shoot and the only missing piece is your participation.”

Acting as an outpost or private laboratory for the Blue Men, Swartz noted that the installation offers passersby “a glimpse of their activities and interests beyond the stage.” Guests can take their own photograph peeking into the wax shack and, once they’re happy with it, either have it emailed to them or immediately uploaded to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Guests can take a photo peeking into the Blue Man Group Wax Shack

The idea for the Blue Man Wax Shack came when looking for a place to showcase the Blue Man Group wax figures, previously on display in the lobby of Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, when the show moved back to Luxor in November 2015.

“We needed to create something that was high visibility but would also keep the wax figures safe, so we developed an enclosure which met those needs while also offering a humorous look at the Blue Man character and providing interactivity,” Swartz said.

The wax shack’s location, near the moving walkways connecting Luxor to Excalibur Hotel and Casino, also helps bring a strong Blue Man Group presence to a satellite location, sparking additional interest in the show. Performances run nightly, dark Jan. 4 and Feb. 5. Allegiant passengers receive special deals when they purchase their tickets onboard. Ask your flight attendant for details.

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