A True Comedic Genius Headlining Las Vegas


By Heather Turk

Dressing up like Carrot Top may be a popular costume idea each year for Halloween (“I remember this guy came up to me once dressed like me and told me my costume was pretty good,” the curly-haired comedian told Sunseeker. “I told him his was better.”), but there’s only one real Carrot Top.

Often imitated but never duplicated, Carrot Top continues to be one of Las Vegas’ most beloved headliners. Now in his 11th year performing at Luxor Hotel and Casino, Carrot Top’s hilarious act has truly evolved over the years, mixing the props and stand-up comedy he’s always been known for with more music and video clips.

“When I first started out, I just had my props and some music—I never had any videos,” Carrot Top, whose real name is Scott Thompson, explained. “Now, though, I have a giant screen behind me that I can use for some punchlines. Some props I don’t even build anymore, I just show them on-screen and they have more impact.”

Although Carrot Top doesn’t get too political during his show (“I figure people will go see Bill Maher for that,” he said. “People come to my show to escape reality, though I do touch upon it a little just so people know I’m aware of what’s going on.”), he does use the video screen for one election joke he recently added into the production.

“I talk about how we had 100 people running for president and have all the names scroll by, then stop on the final two candidates and ask, ‘Really, is this the best choice?’”

Carrot Top also noted that he tells more stories during his show now, letting fans in a little on his life and career.

“I know I’m blessed to still be doing this,” he said. “Every night I’m amazed by the people who come to my show and thank the crowd for being there.”

As for whether or not he has any tips for those who want to dress up like their favorite comedian this year for Halloween, Carrot Top just joked, “You need to be really handsome and have the right amount of femininity and masculinity. And you need the right wig.”

Carrot Top performs Wednesday through Monday at 8 p.m. Tickets start at just $49.95, plus tax and fees, with VIP meet-and-greet ticket add-ons also available before every show. For more information, visit luxor.com.


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