How to Plan the Perfect Florida Getaway


Florida is a magnificent, tropical paradise brimming with fun beach activities, colorful artistic designs and beautiful restaurants and hotels. Allegiant ensures that your Florida vacation is seamless and stress-free right from the start by offering ultra-low fares to various leisure destinations for you and your family. Here’s what to consider when planning the perfect Florida getaway.


From its humid subtropical climate in the north to its true tropical feel in the south, factor in Florida’s weather when planning your getaway activities and kind of clothing to pack. Known for its balmy weather, Florida is a perfect place to visit if you are in search of outdoor adventure, and is ideal for various beach activities. If you plan on taking your Florida vacation between mid-June and September, ensure that your itinerary includes a few indoor activities for when the sun is beating down. You should also factor in the hurricane season, which runs from June to November, as you plan your Florida vacation.

Booking Early

Booking your preferred Florida vacation spot early provides you with a significant amount of time to organize your travel plans. Consider booking your Florida vacation during the shoulder seasons so as to take advantage of dry days and thinner crowds at the beaches. The shoulder seasons for northern and southern Florida are the same: April to May and September through November. These seasons not only feature lower hotel rates, but also have moderate temperatures.


When considering how to stay within your budget and make your Florida getaway affordable, choosing the appropriate accommodation goes a long way. Florida has a wide variety of picturesque hotels to choose from that offer various amenities. Vacation rentals provide different types of beach gear, like towels, toys, umbrellas and chairs, so it’s important to know this information ahead of time.


Once in Florida, you can select any modern mode of transportation to reach your destinations. Traveling by car is considered the ideal way to explore areas that aren’t served by public transportation. There are different cities in Florida that offer bike-sharing programs. You can also opt to use Florida Shuttle Transportation, which is ideal for traveling between major cities.


Inquire about the various discounts offered as you plan your Florida vacation. You can use discount coupons at hotels, restaurants and attractions. By using your Allegiant World MasterCard®, you’ll be able to earn points worth one cent each from the cost of every Allegiant trip. The myAllegiant Rewards™ program helps reduce your Allegiant expenses, as you can redeem your accumulated points.

When you are planning your Florida getaway, remember that you don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable time. There are various budget-friendly vacation options for you. Though they might require a tad more research, the extra planning will always be worth it.

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