Tap-Dancing Twins Steal the Spotlight in “Absinthe”


By Heather Turk

Since its premiere at Caesars Palace in 2011, “Absinthe” has become one of Las Vegas’ most lauded shows. The intimate production, which is housed in a 550-seat tent in front of the resort, quickly made a name for itself thanks to its amazing acrobatic acts and hilariously inappropriate host, The Gazillionaire. However, while the jaw-dropping variety show features several death-defying performances, one of its most popular acts doesn’t involve roller skates, trapeze bars or aerial straps—just a couple of pairs of tap shoes.

Twin tap-dancing brothers Sean and Jon Scott are a crowd favorite at “Absinthe." Photo by Erik Kabik Photography

Twin tap-dancing brothers Sean and Jon Scott are a crowd favorite at “Absinthe”

Twin tap-dancing brothers Sean and Jon Scott have been bringing the house—err, tent—down at “Absinthe” for the past three years. Although they’ve performed for some of the biggest names in music, including Prince and Madonna, Jon admitted that when he and his brother were first cast in “Absinthe,” he wasn’t sure how audiences would react to them.

“I was intimidated at first,” Jon told Sunseeker. “Every act in the show is so good I didn’t know how we were supposed to compete. I didn’t think we were on the same level, but that just pushed us more.”

Jon said he and his brother work hard every performance to make tap dancing appeal to a new generation. The brothers started tap dancing when they were just six years old and took their act to the streets when they were 14. Although they briefly stopped dancing for a year when they were 16, they eventually started again and realized as they got older that not many people were tap dancing anymore.

“What we’re doing first and foremost is a lost art,” Jon said. “There aren’t that many tap dancers out there, especially twin tap dancers, so we decided to take advantage of it.”

“Absinthe’s” amazing roller skating duo, Skates of Hell. Photo by Erik Kabik Photography

“Absinthe’s” amazing roller skating duo, Skates of Hell

Now, their talents are being showcased alongside some of the most impressive variety acts from around the world.

“These are all A-one acts,” Jon said of his “Absinthe” castmates. “It’s so cool to be a part of this show. It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s raunchy, it’s wild—it’s definitely worth every penny. I always tell my friends to come see the show and if they don’t like it, I’ll give them their money back. I haven’t had to pay anyone back yet!”

“Absinthe” runs Wednesday through Sunday at 8 and 10 p.m. in The Roman Plaza at Caesars Palace. Tickets start at $99, plus tax and fees. For up-to-date show information, visit absinthevegas.com.

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