Sky-High Thrills – Experience Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower’s Adrenaline Rush!


By H. Wadowski

Adrenaline junkies looking for some heart-pounding action in Las Vegas needn’t look any further than Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower. Home to some of the most scream-worthy attractions in town, the iconic resort knows how to take thrills and chills to exciting new heights.

Intended for only the bravest of souls, the three thrill rides are truly intense. Located on the 109th floor of Stratosphere Tower, guests can ride the teeter-totter-like X-Scream and be propelled 27 feet over the edge of the tallest building west of the Mississippi River at 30 miles per hour. Riders will then experience free-fall maneuvers while racing back and forth from the edge. An unobstructed view of the Strip awaits those courageous enough to sit in the front row—that is, if you can open your eyes!

Thrill-seekers can also go for a spin on Insanity—The Ride and experience the thrill of being lifted 64 feet over the edge of the largest freestanding observation tower in the United States at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. As the ride starts to spin faster, riders are lifted up to a 70-degree angle so they’re looking down at the city more than 900 feet below.

Experience the ultimate rush 1,049 feet in the air on the hair-raising Big Shot

Experience the ultimate rush 1,049 feet in the air on the hair-raising Big Shot.

For a truly hair-raising adventure, the Big Shot (located on Stratosphere Tower’s 112th floor) launches riders 160 feet in 2.5 seconds along the 238-foot mast that extends from the top of the tower like a needle. Guests will experience up to four G-forces on the way up and one negative G on the way down, falling faster than a free-fall.

If all of that sounds like child’s play, Stratosphere is also home to SkyJump Las Vegas: a controlled descent from the 108th floor of Stratosphere Tower. A Guinness World Record Holder for highest commercial decelerator descent, SkyJumpers will (safely) plummet 829 feet to a landing pad below at scream-inducing speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Talk about a rush!

Admission to Stratosphere Tower’s observation deck costs $20 plus fees, or an Unlimited Thrill Rides combo ticket is available for $39.95; discounts are offered for Stratosphere Hotel guests. SkyJump costs $119.99 per jump, with reduced pricing for Stratosphere Hotel guests and Las Vegas locals. Photo and wrist video packages are also available to prove to your friends back home that you took the leap.

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