Foodie Destinations in Myrtle Beach


By Sandra Chambers
Myrtle Beach S.C. offers much more than Southern comfort food. Dine in a haunted house, sip nitrogen-infused cocktails in a restaurant/art gallery or be a lab rat in a new chemistry-themed restaurant!


Offering a merger of art and food, this new oceanfront restaurant features an art gallery, gourmet burgers, sushi and liquid nitrogen-infused cocktails. Menus are shaped like an artist’s palette and works of art by local artists line the walls. Several digital monitors also display more than 250 pieces of art. Appetizers are tasty and fun—try the Ahi Tuna Lollipops! Burgers made from locally sourced hormone-free and grass-fed beef are named after famous artists such as the Rembrandt Burger or Picasso Burger. The creativity continues whether you opt for a nitrogen-infused cocktail like the favorite Beach Portrait, a mug of Beer Dip & Dots or a dish of nitrogen-infused ice cream.


Designed like a scientists’ laboratory, this restaurant emphasizes molecular gastronomy in both food and beverages sure to entertain both science buffs and food fans. Servers dressed in lab coats are well versed in menu items that are featured in three sections: Hypothesis (Appetizers), Research (Entrees) and Conclusion (Desserts). For an appetizer try the Liquid Nitrogen Tuna or Diver Scallops. Entrees include familiar foods with a twist such as Shepherd’s Pie or unique offerings like Smoked Trout u

The Chemist Restaurant in Myrtle Beach

The Chemist Restaurant in Myrtle Beach

nder Glass. For dessert, the dark chocolate Liquid Nitrogen Truffles are a favorite. Drinks are served in beakers and coasters with chemistry symbols light up when drinks are placed on them. The bar features several house-made craft cocktails. Try the Flux Capacitor (the most popular), the Mad Scientist or the Radioactive Coke.


This classic restaurant is part of Myrtle Beach’s history. Located in a beautiful Victorian home (circa 1910) in Little River, it offers upscale dining, wine tastings and a friendly staff eager to share the strange happenings at the restaurant—including its hauntings, verified by a paranormal investigative team. Featuring low country French cuisine with over 100 wines from around the world, guests will find the five dining rooms complete with fireplaces very cozy for that special night out. The Brentwood also offers a happy hour Monday to Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m.


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