Café Du Monde – The Best Beignets in New Orleans (And the Whole World)


The Original Cafe Du Monde opened in 1862 in the New Orleans French Market. Cafe Du Monde serves dark-roasted coffee blended with chicory and traditionally served au lait. But the real draw at this coffee shop is the beignets – square French -style doughnuts, extravagantly covered with powdered sugar.

These deep-fried delights are traditionally prepared right as you order to be eaten fresh and hot. They are served in orders of three, but you’ll probably want to order more.

Cafe du Monde's famous beignets

Cafe du Monde’s famous beignets

Beignets were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians. These were fried fritters, sometimes filled with fruit. The beignet has evolved and today it is a simple square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. Despite its simplicity, the doughnuts’ popularity has grown exponentially through the years. The original Café is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but due to its popularity, eight other locations have opened over the years in the New Orleans area. Beignets were declared the official state doughnut of Louisiana in 1986.

If you can’t get enough beignets on your New Orleans getaway, you can always purchase their signature coffee and beignet mix to take home. It’s just what you need to enjoy a little more of the Big Easy right in your own home.

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