Delectable Dining in Arizona


By Amy Young

Just like the desert breeze, incredible dining options are sweeping through Phoenix’s culinary landscape. Dotting the city with gems around every corner, there are restaurants that are delectable, tasty, and absolutely rave-worthy in every neighborhood.

The Chuckbox has been serving burgers for decades

The Chuckbox has been serving burgers for decades


Whether you’re on your way to a baseball game or looking for a fun afternoon bite, this spot near the ASU main campus has been serving real charcoal broiled burgers for more than 40 years. Half-pound and 1/3-pound sizes are available to suit different appetites. Get the basic toppings or try a signature burger like the Tijuana Torpedo with jalapeno jack cheese and green chile as a topping to keep you warm. A veggie burger, hot dogs, chicken strips and plenty of side dishes are offered, too. Draft root beer and draft adult beers are also on the menu at this family-friendly, fun hangout.


Serving traditional Cajun food, this place has been a Valley staple since 1989. Formerly in Phoenix, this hotspot is now located in Mesa, making it a perfect destination for lovers of this cuisine style. From po’ boy sandwiches to different types of etouffees, and jambalaya loaded with chicken and sausage, Baby Kay’s brings this Louisiana-born cuisine to the Southwest. They didn’t forget the gumbo or fried catfish, either.

Seafood and pasta complement each other at Twisted Italian

Seafood and pasta complement each other at Twisted Italian


There’s no shortage of great places to dine in Peoria. Twisted Italian is a popular place where you can dine on a lighter salad, munch on a cheesy pizza or dive into a hearty pasta offering. Some of their signature dishes in the latter category include the Twisted Ravioli, which tops cheese ravioli with a Marsala and mushroom sauce, and the Gnocchi Telefono, where a plate of pillowy gnocchi is topped with a bacon and tomato cream sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil.

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