This Is Why It’s the Perfect Time to Visit San Francisco


San Francisco is a fiercely unique and independent city, and its quirky, unexpected weather patterns reflect this. With plenty of sunshine, the warmest temperatures of the year and ultra-low fares on hotels and flights, September and October are ideal months to visit the City by the Bay.

Cool Summers, Warm Falls

Thanks to its location on a hilly peninsula that juts out into the San Francisco Bay, this city experiences weird and wonderful weather that defies expectations. Locals love it — ask them about Karl the Fog — but it can throw visitors for a loop. Yes, you’ll be in California and have easy access to beaches, but San Francisco isn’t a tropical destination. Its default weather status is sunny and breezy with cool temperatures and persistent precipitation, and that’s as true in summer as it is in winter.

However, the thermometer takes a turn upward during late summer and early fall, with September and October delivering very little rain and average temperatures that rise above the high 60s — quite a feat for this inimitable city. It’s always a smart idea to dress in layers in San Francisco, but you won’t need to worry about getting rained out of your planned picnic at the Presidio or hiking through mud at Land’s End.

Planning Your San Francisco Adventure

The best thing about San Francisco travel at this time of year is that it really doesn’t take a lot of planning. September and October are low seasons for travel in the Bay Area — the summer tourist rush is over, and the holiday season isn’t ramping up quite yet. That means you can catch an efficient Allegiant flight into the Oakland International Airport and hop on BART or take a cab across the San Francisco Bay to a wealth of hotels looking to fill rooms in the off season.

From there, you can easily wing it when it comes to sights to see and things to do, especially if you’re traveling solo or with another adult who’s game for an improvised good time. When you have kids in tow or you prefer to have a plan in place when you travel, count on major San Francisco attractions like Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and the California Academy of Sciences being just as available and appealing as they are in the high season.

With warm temperatures and fewer tourists, fall is an ideal time to get outside and explore the abundant natural beauty in the San Francisco area. Don’t just drive across the Golden Gate Bridge — bike it. Don’t spend too much time indoors at the city’s many wonderful museums if you don’t want to — go see the Wave Organ at high tide and enjoy its eerie music. There’s really no better time to be outside in San Francisco than during this late summer/early fall season.

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