Get Away Your Way to San Juan


Allegiant currently flies to San Juan from Orlando. All Allegiant flights to San Juan are low-cost and nonstop, getting you to the Caribbean beach destination as conveniently and affordably as possible.

Allegiant offers an “à la carte” booking process, letting you, the passenger, choose which optional amenities you want based on the price you’re willing to spend. Below are five tips on how to book on to save and get away your way!

Caribbean Beach

Caribbean Beach

Pack smart: Allegiant knows that not all passengers require the same amount of luggage for a trip and gives passengers the flexibility to choose whether or not they want to pay for a carry-on or checked bag on their itinerary. If you do need to bring a larger bag, pack smart in as few bags as possible to save. All passengers are allowed one personal item such as a purse or backpack that can fit under the seat in front of them.

Don’t mind where you sit?: To offer the lowest possible fare, Allegiant randomly assigns seats to passengers at the time of flight check-in. If you would like to sit next to other passengers you’re traveling with, Allegiant offers the ability to purchase seat the selection at the time of booking for a low fee. However, children under 15 will automatically be seated next to an adult on their itinerary.

Consider Trip Flex: All Allegiant flights are nonrefundable, but the unexpected can happen, which is why Trip Flex is available. Trip Flex gives you the ability to modify your reservation up to one hour prior to your departure. Without Trip Flex, no changes to an itinerary can be made to an itinerary within seven days of travel.

Luguillo Beach, Puerto Rico

Luguillo Beach, Puerto Rico

Snacks in flight: Allegiant offers a wide variety of great snacks and beverages on its flights for a fee. If you can’t wait to get to the beaches of San Juan for a bite to eat, feel free to bring your own food or beverage on board from the airport. Just remember, consuming alcohol not purchased by an Allegiant flight attendant is not allowed!

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