Must-Sees in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Not just sand and sunshine, Puerto Rico is rich in history and authentic Caribbean culture. As one of the first cities established in the New World, San Juan is full of architecture, art and ambiance that transports you back to 500 years ago. Here are a list of places and attractions you have to check out on your trip:


The San Juan National Historic Site is home to San Juan’s five century-old buildings that both adults and children will enjoy exploring. Visitors can run through tunnels, peek into dungeons and admire the 500 year-old architecture of the site.


Casa Bacardí is home to the world’s largest rum distillery. Learn about the Bacardí family’s storied history of creating one of the world’s best-known rum brands. Visitors to Casa Bacardí can sign up for one of three tours: a historical tour, a rum tasting tour and a mixology tour. To book your tour, visit the Casa Bacardí website. 

Entrance to gun turret in El Morro.


El Morro, or by its official name – Castillo de San Felipe del Morro – is a 400 year-old fort located at the entrance of the San Juan harbor. Visitors to El Morro can do a self-guided tour, or attend a free 20-30 minute orientation ever hour on the hour in English, and on the half-hour in Spanish.


Casa Blanca was constructed in 1521, making it San Juan’s oldest fortification. The beautiful white house was once called home by Juan Ponce de Leon’s family. Today, the Casa Blanca is a museum full of classic Puerto Rican artifacts, art and furniture.

Grab a Piña Colada and relax in San Juan’s warm sand


No must-see list in Puerto Rico is complete without a beach! Condado Beach is a trendy ocean oasis on the Peninsula de Condado. Tourists looking for a beach resort vibe will love the modern luxury resorts, high-rise condos and delicious restaurants dotting the shoreline. Condado Beach is the perfect place to grab a cool drink and dig your toes in the sand.


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