Reconnect With Nature in San Juan, Puerto Rico


It’s no surprise that there are plenty of activities for nature lovers in Puerto Rico. Here are a few places that you should make time for during your trip!


Palomino Island is a private island that can only be reached by boat. You can do a day trip, or spend the evening at the El Conquistador Resort and Spa. The island has fun for everyone: relaxing spa facilities, horseback riding, mini golf and more. End your day by unwinding with a trail walk around the island.

Every sunset is beautiful in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Ocean Park Beach is a Caribbean paradise. Any ocean dwellers will not be disappointed – Ocean Park Beach has great waves for bodysurfing, boogie boarding and many other exciting beach activities. It is visited and loved by tourists and locals alike. At the end of the day, Ocean Park Beach is a breathtaking place to watch the warm San Juan sun go down.


This is a must-see for the cat lovers in the family. Puerto Rico has a very large feral cat population, so Save-A-Gato works to feed and shelter all of the area’s stray cats. The sanctuary is “free-range,” so cats can roam around as they please. If you love furry felines, this is the place for you!


Ready to light up your night? Sign up for a tour of Bio Bay – one of a handful of bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. Most tours are done by kayak on beautiful Laguna Grand, located in the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. Bio Bay is nothing short of a natural phenomenon. Hundreds of tiny, bioluminescent plankton float through the water around you as you paddle, making the dark lake resemble a starry night sky. It is a surreal experience you are not soon to forget!

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