Travel Smart to Telluride


Allegiant operates nonstop flights to Telluride via the Montrose Regional Airport. Telluride, most famous for its proximity and access to the Telluride Ski Resort, operates a free gondola to the resort that skiers and snowboarders can hop on to hit the slopes.

However, there are a few things passengers should know when flying Allegiant for their next ski vacation.


Large items like skis, snowboards and boots will have to be checked as those items are too large and bulky to fly in the cabin. Allegiant recommends packing your equipment in a hard-sided case and measuring it before arriving at the airport to ensure its within the airline’s size limits. Checked luggage cannot weigh over 40 pounds and must not exceed 80 linear inches. Items larger than this size will be considered oversize luggage and incur an additional fee.


Allegiant recommends paying for checked and carry-on baggage at the time of booking to save the most amount of money. Checked and carry-on luggage added at the airport will be a higher cost. By measuring and weighing your luggage beforehand, this will also prevent unforeseen fees at the airport.

Skier in Telluride

Hit the slopes in Telluride this winter


You’re going to need a number of clothing items to ski in that you wouldn’t normally pack for a vacation. To store larger items like ski and snowboard jackets, pants, helmets and gloves Allegiant recommends packing smart! Fitting all of these items into a carry-on may be difficult, but with travel vacuum bags its possible! Vacuum bags will allow you to compress a number of these items into a smaller space, fitting more conveniently into a single bag.

Now that you know how to pack smart, you can check all there is to do in Telluride by clicking here.

By following these tips you’ll be able to save time and money when packing for your escape to Telluride. Head to for flight days, times and the lowest fares!


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