Allegiant’s Top Ten Holiday Travel Tips


Holiday travel can be a difficult experience, which is why Allegiant put together a list of its top ten travel tips. By following these tips, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary stress and most importantly, money! Follow these tips, because the hardest thing you should have to do this season is spend time with your relatives!

  1. Arrive early – Get to the airport two hours before your scheduled departure and be at the gate no less than 45 minutes before take-off. If you have free time after security, you can always grab a festive drink or some holiday treats.
  1. When it comes to airports, think smaller – Don’t be fooled into thinking the big airport has the best deal. Allegiant flies nonstop from a number of smaller airports throughout the U.S. You’ll love the convenience of shorter lines!
  1. Get away for the holidays – Sick of gathering at Grandma’s house? Shake it up and take the whole family somewhere new for the holidays. Choose a classic destination like New York City or San Francisco, or escape the cold in Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  1. Pack smart – Save money by bringing as few bags as possible. Traveling with the entire family? Pack one or two checked bags instead of multiple carry-ons. Traveling somewhere cold? Wear your jacket on the plane to save bag space.
Christmas Tree at the Capitol

Christmas Tree at the Capitol

  1. Leave your gifts unwrapped – Brown paper packages all tied up with string won’t be your favorite after you get held up at the security checkpoint. The Transportation Security Administration allows, but does not encourage, traveling with gifts that are wrapped. Save yourself the trouble and wrap them when you get there.
  1. Bundle up – Bundling up isn’t just for staying warm – if you’re headed on vacation for the holidays, book your flights, hotel stay and rental car together at It’ll save you time and money!
  1. Know before you go – To save time getting through airport security, make sure you’re aware of what items you can and cannot bring in your luggage. We recommend checking the TSA’s website here for more information. If you’re not sure if an item is allowed, you can ask TSA on Twitter at @AskTSA.
  1. Be flexible – Save money on your airfare by being flexible with your travel dates. Allegiant’s fare calendar can help you decide when to go at the lowest cost.
  1. Choose Trip Flex – The holidays can be hectic – Trip Flex gives you the ability to modify your reservation up to one hour prior to your departure. It’s the gift you can give yourself.
  1. Bring entertainment for the little ones – Keep your little elves entertained by bringing plenty of books, snacks or handheld electronics for the flight – and be sure to bring enough headphones for everyone. To keep fares low, Allegiant does not offer Wi-Fi on board its planes, so we recommend downloading shows or movies to watch in flight.

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