How to Plan an Epic Summer Vacation


With June already in full swing, the start of the summer is almost here. With the warm weather and time off from school, this is the most popular time to take a family vacation. Vacations are a great way to relax, have fun and make family memories, but proper planning is key to ensuring everyone has a good time. A poorly-planned vacation may lead to stress and disappointment, especially when you’re traveling with a group. The right preparations are necessary to make sure everything falls into place. Follow some of these tips to prepare for an epic vacation this summer.

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Start Planning Early

There’s no such thing as planning too early, especially if you need to coordinate family schedules, such as time off from work and school. If you’re traveling with a group and need multiple hotel rooms or special accommodations, making reservations as early as possible also ensures you can find what you need. Also, you’re most likely to find the best price the earlier you book. Popular destinations fill up quickly, especially during the busy summer months.

Research Your Destination

Thorough research gives you a good sense of things you want to do and see before you reach your destination. You don’t want to spend a week at your hotel not knowing that there is an award-winning restaurant right next door. Doing your homework gives you a feel for the area, helps you map out a plan with destinations for everyone to enjoy and makes it easy to have several itineraries in case inclement weather or other unexpected issues interfere with your plans.

Take Advantage of Technology

There are plenty of user-friendly apps that minimize the stress and hassle of travel. Know the status of your flight before you even leave for the airport with the Allegiant mobile app. You can also use the Allegiant app to have your boarding passes at the tip of your fingers. When you get to your destination, use the AroundMe app to easily find restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and other businesses or points of interest. Other travel apps include Localeur, which shows you local hotspots, and Sidekix, which provides downloadable city guides.

Pack Ahead of Time

To make the packing process go as smoothly as possible, pack everything you might need a couple days before your departure date. The night before your flight, set several different alarms and plan a snack for the road. Pack up all of those important personal items as well – IDs, phone chargers, medication etc. Then you won’t forget anything!

With the right planning, it is possible to have a vacation the whole family will enjoy. Simple steps like researching your destination and downloading handy travel apps help ensure that your next vacation is a memorable one.

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