How to Plan for a Multi-Generational Family Trip


Are you tired of getting the family together for the same mundane reunions and gatherings? It’s time that you and your family get out and make memories on a vacation for the whole crew! Here are some great tips to corral the family members and successfully get from point A to Z.

The airport won’t feel so daunting when you’re prepped and ready to go!


The start to a successful family trip begins with communication. Get input from all members of the family, but assign a “point person” who will be in charge of all of the bookings.

Consider organizing a “family travel meeting” to get a feel for everyone’s ideal vacation and travel style, and brainstorm destination ideas.


Planning should ideally start a year before the trip to allow time for everyone to prepare. When planning, consider:

  • Budget: Who pays for what? Is the trip a gift or is everyone paying their own way? What’s an amount that everyone can afford? (Be sure to factor in meals, events, etc.)
  • Dates of travel: When is everyone off of work/available? Length of the trip?
  • Interests/needs of travelers: Older folks, children and teens all have different needs and interests.
  • Destination: Cruises, dude ranches, large amusement parks, all-inclusive resorts, etc., are all great for group travel.

Travel tip: Booking an all-inclusive resort is a great way to stay on budget!


When booking accommodations, always ask for group rates. Some ideal options for family trips are private shared spaces like vacation home rentals or adjoining rooms/cabins.

Whatever accommodation you choose, take into consideration the age and needs of all travelers (e.g., toddlers will need a quiet place to nap.)

Travelers of all ages will have fun when you plan ahead


It’s likely that not everyone in your family will be flying out from the same city, so make sure to coordinate flights from different cities.

If meeting in an airport, decide on a meeting spot and have a group taxi or airport shuttle already booked and waiting for your group.

Communicate all of these details to the group by creating a trip itinerary that includes arrival and departure plans.

During the Trip

Once you and your family have safely arrived at your destination, you’ll want to relax and have some fun, so here are some things to plan for during the trip to make it enjoyable for all!

  • Organize activities for all ages.
  • Book a guided tour for an event that keeps the family together.
  • Reserve group dinners/events in advance.
  • Plan one special event to commemorate the trip.
  • Schedule downtime.

And remember, keep a positive attitude. Family trips can be stressful, so if something doesn’t turn out as expected, move on and don’t let it affect your precious vacation time!

After the Trip

Once everyone is back home, take the initiative to create a memento of your trip to share with the family. This could be a personalized photo book, a small souvenir or even a video/slideshow of your trip. Whatever you choose, make sure the trip ends on a good and memorable note!

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