Prepare Like a Pro the Night Before Your Flight


Are you one of those travelers who waits until the last minute to pack, finalize details and get ready to go? You’re in luck! With the following tips you can get everything ready with time to spare on the night before your flight.

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Stay Organized

Excitement is brewing for the getaway you’ve been planning and saving for, but before you walk out the door to catch your flight, there are a few essentials to check off your to-do list so you can keep your sanity while traveling.

First, charge all devices you plan to pack. Having 100 percent battery from the get-go lets you and the kids use your laptops, tablets and phones on the plane and in transit without a hitch. Big tip: Remember your chargers! Check, double check – then triple check one more time – to make sure they make it into your bags. This saves tons of frustration (and expense) on your vacation. Go ahead and download any music, movies or favorite TV shows to keep kids, and yourself, entertained while traveling. Be sure to pack your headphones!

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Next, prepare your home to be without your family while away. This might include cleaning out the fridge to avoid unpleasant surprises (take the trash out too), or adjusting the heating/AC so you’re not paying to keep Flipper the goldfish comfortable. And speaking of Flipper, make sure to confirm pet sitters/house sitters that you’ve scheduled.

Finally, confirm all reservations and download necessary documents to your smartphone, or print them out, just in case. Download the Allegiant app for extra convenience!

Pack Smart

Smart packing takes some creativity, especially when traveling as a family. Here are some sneaky tips to keep your belongings safe and your suitcases below weight limit (40 lbs) :

  • Roll softer clothes to avoid wrinkling.
  • Place loose items like sunglasses and chargers inside shoes.
  • Pack most-needed items on top.
  • Wear heaviest shoes; pack the others.
  • Anything with a lid goes in a resealable bag.
  • Keep any important medication and your car keys with you in your personal item.

When traveling with kids, there are some other “essentials” to bring along to keep them happy:

  • Camera
  • Travel journal for tweens and teens
  • New travel-size toys (that don’t make too much noise) or magnetic board games
  • Activity books with a few colored pencils (five per child is enough, more just end up on the floor of the plane)
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks

Take Off and Enjoy!

The best part about vacation: being there.

Congratulations, you and your family are ready to embark on your adventure! Now it’s time to make it to your boarding gate, on time. Best rule of thumb: arrive two hours early, especially when traveling with small children. Better to have extra time watching the planes take off than watching your plane take off – without you.

Make life even simpler by having the kids use their backpacks as carry-ons instead of multiple rolling or carrying bags. At the airport, keep everyone together and use the buddy system whenever someone has to go to the bathroom. And remember to smile, even when waiting in long security lines. Your calm composure will rub off on antsy kids and let them know this vacation is all about having laughs and letting loose – together.

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