Anchorage’s Food Scene Will Surprise You


When you think of Anchorage, food is probably not one of the first things that come to mind – especially diverse, ethnic cuisines. But over the past decade, new restaurants by a new crop of chefs better reflect the tastes and culture of Anchorage. Expect to find a wide range of cuisines sourced with the freshest local ingredients.

Anchorage Means Seafood

Seafood doesn’t get any fresher than in Alaska, especially salmon. Locals will often say you

Alaskan king crab

Alaskan king crab

haven’t tried salmon until you’ve tried Alaska’s wild salmon. If seafood is your thing, then you also can’t go wrong by ordering rockfish, halibut or shellfish. There are too many great places to list, but local favorites include: Ginger, specializing in Pacific Rim cuisine; Orso, serving the finest and freshest seafood with a Mediterranean flair; Jen’s Restaurant, fine-dining at its best with a Scandinavian influence; and 10 & M Seafoods, a seafood market that will ship the freshest seafood to your house.


Best Way to Start the Day

Alaskans take their coffee seriously. It has the most per capita coffee shops in the country with a drive-thru hut on almost every corner. For a fresh cup of joe, skip the big-name retailers and opt instead for a local roaster. Some of the locals’ favorites include Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Middle Way Café and SteamDot. For a hearty breakfast, the Snow City Café is the number one choice, according to Anchorage Press readers. Try the Crabby Omelet or the Sockeye Smoked Salmon Cakes with Eggs. It’s also where, famously, President Obama bought the entire supply of cinnamon rolls during a visit to Anchorage. Other local favorites include The Red Chair Café and Williwaw, which is adjacent to the SteamDot Coffee Company.

Local Brews

As an American mountain town, Anchorage, of course, has a fantastic beer scene. The local brewers will say the difference in their brew though is the clear, clean Alaska water. One of the oldest is the Glacier Brewhouse, serving a locally sourced menu and a seasonal brew selection. Others preferred by the locals include the Midnight Sun Brewing Company, Denali Brewing Company and Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria, serving brews from Broken Tooth Brewing.

Culturally Diverse Cuisines

The diversity of Anchorage is highly underrated, surprising most from the lower 48. With a significant immigrant culture, you can find a wide range of unique cuisines, and we’ve listed a few standouts. Bear Tooth Grill serves Mexican and Asian fusion dishes as well as fantastic burgers and seafood. Not exactly the most culturally unique food, but it’s so good it just had to be mentioned. Yak & Yeti is a favorite among locals and serves Himalayan cuisine, which includes awesome Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan dishes. Try the homemade chai tea and Momos – Tibetan dumplings with curry and spiced meat. With a large Polynesian population, Hula Hands and its fresh poke comes highly recommended by locals.

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