Terms & Conditions – Hashtag Approval for User-Generated Content


By using hashtag #YesAllegiant you agree that Allegiant Air, LLC (“Allegiant”) may, but is not obligated to, i) use your image/photograph/video in any format or medium now known or subsequently developed, ii) modify and edit your image/photograph/video, iii) combine your image/photograph/video with other images, video, audio, text, and other media, iv) create derivative works incorporating, including, or based on your image/photograph/video, for advertising and business purposes, as solely determined by Allegiant. You represent and warrant that i) you are 18 years old or older, ii) the image/photograph/video is your sole and original creation and it has not been copied in whole or in part from any other work, (iii) the image/photograph/video is your sole and exclusive property, iv) you are authorized to grant these rights, v) the content of your image/photograph/video will not infringe the rights of any third party, and vi) no payments are or will be due to any party. By using hashtag #YesAllegiant you agree that Allegiant may use your image/photograph/video online, on www.allegiant.com, www.sunseeker.allegiant.com, or any other website owned and controlled by Allegiant, and on any and all of Allegiant’s social channels now known or subsequently developed.


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