Welcome Aviators

Would you like to do more than fly?

For those who share our passion for aviation and innovation within the industry, Allegiant develops pilots to be true leaders by giving you opportunities to be an active part of our operation. Allegiant has grown to over 100 all-Airbus aircraft, 129 cities, and 580 routes. We are excited for our bright future ahead.


It’s a great time to be a pilot at Allegiant. As an all-Airbus fleet, our commitment to training has never been more evident. To support that, we have two state-of-the-art training facilities one in Las Vegas, Nevada; and the other in Sanford, Florida. We expect the best results from our team, so each of these facilities includes both flight simulators and training classrooms. We provide all the tools you need to succeed, whether it’s through in-person training or interactive online courses.

In total, expect to spend between 10 to 12 weeks in training:

  • Ground School - 6 weeks
  • Systems Integration Training – 2 weeks
  • Full Flight Simulator -2-3 weeks
Benefits of Flying With Us

Our mission is simple—we fly so the one person who couldn’t travel could. We do this by operating all-nonstop service to the places people want to fly, and only when they want to fly. Allegiant’s unique business model affords pilots the opportunity to satisfy their love of flying without compromising their commitment to family and friends.

Some of the benefits of working at Allegiant:

  • Sleep in your own bed at night (most of our trips are turns)
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Small Crew Bases, that promote strong workplace comradery
  • An amazing support system of employees dedicated to providing our customers with an exceptional travel experience
Career Growth

Allegiant has aggressive growth plans for the next 5 years. This growth includes adding planes to our fleet, new bases, new cities, new routes and new opportunities for our Team Members. In many crew bases, seniority can be reached in just a few years along with enhanced opportunities to move into the left seat.

Supporting the Growth

With Allegiant, there are many opportunities to support junior Team Members through special assignments roles, such as:

  • Check Airman
  • Flight Simulator Instructor
  • Chief Pilot
Our Bases

Allegiant flights are point-to-point…no layovers, no connecting flights, and no congested hubs. It also means our aircraft and crew end every day back at their base. No multi-day trips. No overnights away from your assigned base.

With A Little Sunshine

Ready to join an amazing team of 1,000+ pilots and bring your passion for flying to the Allegiant team? As an Employer of Choice, we want to be transparent with our requirements and interview process. After applying, these are the next steps:

  • Video Interview
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Virtual Interview with Regional Chief Pilots