Transitioning Military

We Value Your Service

At Allegiant, we value the leadership, loyalty, integrity and commitment to excellence demonstrated by your participation in military service.

You bring unique skills to help us achieve our strategic and operational goals. If you’re transitioning from military to civilian life, have prior service, are a retired veteran or member of the National Guard and Reserves, we have challenging and rewarding career opportunities available. Work for a company who has offered many services to active military and be a part of a team that honors all who have served.

Allegiant Honors Program

"All of us at Allegiant take great pride in supporting the brave men and women who serve our country every day," Maurice J. Gallagher, Allegiant chairman and CEO.

"The Allegiant Honors program extends our thanks by making it a little easier for active members of the military, veterans and their families to travel.  We are honored to have them fly with us."