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Manage My Travel

Am I able to cancel my trip?show details
Can I add a hotel, rental car, or other product to my itinerary?show details
Can I add a person to my itinerary?show details
Can I add another flight or another stop on my trip itinerary?show details
Can I add or remove seats and bags from my itinerary?show details
Can I cancel my hotel or car rental without cancelling my whole itinerary?show details
Can I cancel only one flight on my round trip itinerary?show details
Can I cancel only one person on my itinerary?show details
Can I change the name on my reservation?show details
Can I get a refund if there has been a death in the family?show details
Can I pay monthly?show details
Can I upgrade my car rental?show details
Can I upgrade my hotel?show details
Do I have to personally check in to my hotel or can someone else do it for me?show details
Does Allegiant offer any kind of medical exceptions?show details
For what services does Allegiant charge a fee?show details
How do I apply my vouchers when I am booking a new itinerary online?show details
How do I find my voucher number?show details
How do I reserve a seat or add a bag to my itinerary?show details
I am not used to booking online. Is my credit card and personal information safe to give out over the internet?show details
I am unable to check in online and have been instructed to check in at the airport.show details
I have canceled a reservation and have credit towards a future flight. How do I use this credit in booking my next flight?show details
If I use only part of my credit voucher, will the remaining amount still be valid?show details
Is anyone able to use my voucher?show details
What forms of payment do you accept?show details
What if I want to use both a debit card and a credit card to make my purchase?show details
What if the itinerary I purchased does not show up when viewing my Open Itineraries?show details
What if the system tells me an account already exists for my email address?show details
What is your refund policy with regards to travel, hotel, and auto rental bookings? How much will it cost to cancel my reservation?show details
Where is my confirmation number? I can’t find my reservation. I need a copy of my itinerary.show details
Will I have to pay extra to change or cancel my reservation?show details
Will I see how much I owe if I change my itinerary?show details
Will I see the voucher amount before I cancel my itinerary?show details