About Allegiant's Baggage Policy

Save money by reserving your checked and carry-on bags in advance

All Allegiant passengers may bring one personal item on board for no charge. Otherwise, if you choose to bring a carry-on bag and/or checked luggage, fees apply.

Prices at the airport are higher. Visit Manage Travel to reserve your bags before you take off.

a bag no larger than 15 inches in height, 16 inches in length and 7 inches in depth

Every passenger can bring One Free Personal Item

Your Personal Item (like a purse, briefcase, or a small backpack) must be stored completely underneath the seat in front of you.

Maximum dimensions are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 centimeters)

a bag no larger than 14 inches in height, 22 inches in length and 9 inches in depth

You can purchase One Carry-On Bag per passenger

Your one Carry-on Bag (such as a roll-aboard or garment bag) must fit in the overhead bin.

Maximum size is 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 centimeters)

a bag for which the sum of length, height and depth measurements is no more than 80 inches in total

You can pre-purchase up to 4 Checked Bags per passenger

Each checked bag can weigh up to 40 pounds (18 kilos).

Maximum size is 80 linear inches (203 centimeters) in height + width + length. Additional charges apply for bags weighing more than 40 pounds, sporting equipment and/or oversize/excess baggage.

Please measure your bags carefully including wheels and handles.

Airport bag fees will apply to oversized Personal Items and oversized or excess Carry-on Baggage.


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