Changed Bag Fees & Policy

Checked and Carry-On Baggage Fees and Allowances:

To keep fares as low as possible, Allegiant offers several optional services you can add to your travel itinerary for a fee such as preferred seat assignments, priority upgrades, checked baggage, oversize baggage, and carry-on bags.

Save money by reserving your checked and carry-on bags in advance

At the time of booking: Save money by reserving your checked and carry-on baggage when you purchase your tickets online. Fees for the first and second checked bag are up to $35 per bag, each way with the specific amount depending on your departure and arrival airports.

At Pre-Departure: You can also reserve bags pre-departure through Manage Travel or at Online Check-In, but prices are slightly higher and will cost $15 to $45 each way.

Airport Bag Fees

Bag fees paid at the airport are $50 each way per passenger, per bag for a carry-on bag and for the first 5 checked bags.

Please see Optional Services and Fees for route-specific baggage charges.

Weight and Size Requirements

Checked bags must be under 40 pounds (18 kilos) and under 80 linear inches (203 centimeters) in height + width + depth. Additional charges may apply for overweight bags, oversize bags, sporting equipment and/or excess baggage.

  • Overweight Bags: between 41 and 70 pounds (18.6-31.8 kilos) = $50.00 additional per segment
  • Overweight Bags: between 71 and 99 pounds (32.2-45.4 kilos) = $75.00 additional per segment
  • Oversized Checked Bag: height + width + depth ( H + W + D) in excess of 80 linear inches (203.2 cm) = $75.00 additional per segment

Cabin Bags

In accordance with FAA/TSA Security Directives, each passenger is limited to 2 articles in the cabin: one (1) personal item and one (1) carry-on bag.

  • Personal Item. The one (1) Personal Item such as a purse, briefcase, laptop computer, small backpack, or small camera must be stored completely underneath the seat in front of you, and must not exceed maximum size of: 7 in. x 15 in. x 16 in. (17.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 40.6 cm)
    There is no charge for one Personal Item, provided it does not exceed size requirements.
  • Carry-on Bag. The one (1) Carry-on Bag, such as a roll-aboard bag, garment bag, or tote bag and must not exceed maximum size of: 9 in. x 14 in. x 22 in. (22.9 cm x 35.6 cm x 55.9 cm)

Airport bag fees apply to bag fees paid at the airport, including oversized Personal Items and oversized or excess Carry-on Baggage.

Please measure your bags carefully. All exterior measurements include wheels, pockets, handles and decorations.

It may be necessary to gate check baggage including, but not limited to, the following circumstances: oversized carry-on bag brought to the gate, limited overhead bin space, or car seat/stroller brought to the gate.

Bag fees do not apply to mobility aids, assistive devices and medical equipment of qualified persons with disabilities, car seats/strollers, a coat or jacket, a diaper bag, an umbrella, or one personal item that fits completely underneath the seat in front of you.

Policies described are effective for all new reservations made starting November 15, 2012. Other than the Personal Item allowance, baggage fees are not included in Allegiant's airfare. Please see Optional Services and Fees for route-specific baggage charges. Fees are expressed per bag, per segment (which is defined as one take-off and one landing) and are non-refundable, unless the bag is lost or your itinerary qualifies for cancellation without penalty. Carrier reserves the right to further restrict the size and number of carry-on items whenever necessary. All carriage of baggage is subject to Liability Limitations. For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions.