Passengers with Special Needs

Service and Emotional Support Animals

Documents for travel are available for download below, as well as additional pertinent information. Please note, Allegiant will no longer accept for transport pit bull type breeds and all animals must only occupy the disabled passenger’s foot space. If the animal exceeds the disabled passenger’s foot space, Allegiant may request that the passenger purchase an additional seat to accommodate the animal's size.

Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals

Allegiant welcomes for transport emotional support and psychiatric service animals in the aircraft cabin. Emotional support and psychiatric service animals assist with emotional, psychiatric, cognitive or psychological disabilities. In an effort to ensure optimum safety for you, your animal and all our customers, we require customers traveling with emotional support or psychiatric service animals to present three fully completed forms to an Allegiant representative.

Form 1 - Veterinary Health Form

Must be fully completed by your veterinarian

Form 2 – Mental Health Professional Form

Must be fully completed by your mental health professional or a medical physician treating you for an emotional or mental disability

Form 3 – Animal Behavior & Responsibility Form

The three (3) completed forms MUST be presented to an Allegiant representative at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure at the ticket counter or at the gate counter. Documentation must be presented for all flights, inbound and outbound.

Click here to download the required forms for an Emotional Support and Psychiatric Service Animal

For additional information, please review Allegiant’s Service/Emotional Support Animal Guidelines for travel (below).

Service Animals

Allegiant welcomes passengers traveling with a fully trained service animal, such as those leading the hearing or visually impaired. Allegiant requests the following documentation for travel with a fully trained service animal:

  • Trained Service Animal(s) Veterinary Health Form

Present fully completed Veterinary Health form to an Allegiant representative at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure at the ticket counter or at the gate counter.

Click here to download the form for a Service Animal

For additional information, please review Allegiant’s Service/Emotional Support Animal Guidelines for travel (below).

Service Animals In-Training, Law Enforcement/Search and Rescue Dogs

Allegiant welcomes for transport service animals in-training and on-duty law enforcement/search and rescue dogs. However, we require 72 hours advanced notice for verification. Please note our normal animal policies are applicable. Contact us at and be prepared to provide supporting documentation attesting to the work status of the animal.

Allegiant’s Service and Emotional Support Animal Guidelines

  • Passengers are limited to one (1) emotional support animal or a total of three (3) trained service animals.
  • Passengers must check in with an Allegiant representative at the ticket counter or gate at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure for document verification.
  • We strongly suggest a soft-sided leak-proof carrier that fits under the seat
    • The carrier may be no larger than 9”H x 16”W x 19”D
    • No more than 2 pets per carrier – one carrier per paid passenger
  • The animal may only occupy the foot space of the disabled passenger and is prohibited from encroaching on the foot space of another passenger.
  • Animals may not extend into the aisle.
  • State regulations may differ from state to state and it is the passenger’s responsibility to know and adhere to local regulations.
  • Destinations outside of the contiguous 48 United States may have specific restrictions as to the type/species allowed, Please note, it is the responsibility of the passenger to determine the rules and regulations of their destination.
  • All animals must remain on the floor, under the seat or in the lap (if the animal is no larger than a 2 year old child, approximately less than 30 lbs.) of the disabled passenger.
  • All animals are prohibited from occupying a seat, sitting on or eating off tray tables.
  • The animal must remain in the control of the passenger at all times and be leashed/harnessed to the passenger or be in a carrier at all times.
  • Passengers may occupy any seat, except an exit row or a bulkhead seat, if the animal utilizes a carrier.
  • Animals must accompany the disabled passenger and may not accompany another passenger.
  • National and state service animal registries are not recognized by the Department of Transportation. Certificates and ID cards are not acceptable forms of documentation for service, psychiatric service and emotional support animals.
  • Allegiant only accepts for transport domestic dogs, cats and miniature horses.
  • All animals are expected to be trained to behave in a public setting. Per the Department of Transportation Title 14 Part 382, we reserve the right to deny transport to any animal displaying disruptive behavior, such as, but not limited to:
    • Growling, snarling, biting, attempting to bite or acting in an aggressive manner
    • Running around or jumping on other passengers
    • Relieving themselves in the airport terminal or in the aircraft cabin
    • Barking excessively (other than alerting passenger as trained)

If a passenger does not comply with the above requirements, Allegiant reserves the right to deny transport. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about traveling with your fully trained service, psychiatric service or emotional support animal.

Passengers with Special Needs

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