Traveling with Pets

What is Allegiant’s Pet in Cabin Policy?

Allegiant accepts live animals/pets in the passenger cabin of the aircraft on flights within the contiguous 48 United States and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here are a few things you must know before flying with your pet in cabin:

  • A fee of $100 per segment per carrier will apply for all pets.
  • Only domestic cats and dogs are permitted.
  • Pets must be transported in a soft-sided leak-proof carrier that fits under the seat.
    - The carrier may be no larger than 9" H x 16" W x 19" D.
    - No more than two pets per carrier are permitted.
    - Pets need to be able to stand and turn inside the carrier.
    - A pet carrier is not included in the carry-on baggage limitations.
  • Each traveler may only have one pet carrier.
  • Only adults who are at least 15 years old may travel with a pet.
  • While at the airport terminal and on board the aircraft, pets must remain completely in the carrier and only be handled by the traveler.
  • Pet carriers must remain under the seat while on board the aircraft.
  • Travelers with pet carriers may not be seated in exit rows, one row before or after an exit row or in the bulkhead seats. There can only be one (1) pet carrier per side, for a maximum of two (2) pet carriers per row.
  • All pet carriers must be inspected at the airport station to ensure that the pet(s) and pet carrier are in compliance with the guidelines listed above.

Travelers who fail to comply with these guidelines may be denied boarding.

Note: Service animals and emotional support animals are not considered pets and are excluded from this policy. To add a service animal or emotional support animal, select the Travel with Pets option below the passenger name input section.

Traveling With Pets

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